Top Jobs for College Grads… Guest Speakers Offer Real-World Advice… TikTok Helps Students Focus

Top Jobs for College Grads

Recent college grads face a tight job market. The list below shows the top 10 positions requiring a college degree as well as their salaries, according to

  1. Outside Sales Rep ($60,000)
  2. Transportation Coordinator ($47,000)
  3. Quality Auditor ($84,500)
  4. Accounting Coordinator ($52,000)
  5. Tax Preparer ($67,500)
  6. Loan Processor ($55,000)
  7. Retention Specialist ($50,000)
  8. Network Operations Technician ($85,500)
  9. Mental Health Case Worker ($42,000)
  10. Speech Language Pathologist ($60,000)

Gupta, S. (2023, April 11). Top 10 entry-level jobs that are hiring right now. FastCompany.

Guest Speakers Offer a Look Into the Real World

One of the best ways to engage students and foster buy-in to the business communication curriculum is inviting a guest speaker to the classroom.

Students respond to learning about the experiences of successful business practitioners. Likewise, having diverse role models further motivates more students to take their education seriously because they feel seen.

Consider the following pointers when inviting a guest speaker.

  • Prepare students ahead of time. Explain why the individual has something to offer. Ask students to research the speaker’s background/field and have them submit questions for the speaker in advance.
  • Provide the speaker with context. Tell the speaker about your objectives for the talk and the students in the audience. Share how many will attend.
  • Discuss the event afterward. Ask students to reflect on what they learned in written format or in small-group discussions.

Brusini, A. (2023, June 27). Quick tips: Guest speakers in the classroom. The Innovative Instructor Blog.

TikTok Helps Students Focus

Some students have found a new way to break the isolation that has plagued many since the pandemic by using Tiktok to find study-buddies.

It works like this. An individual doing school work—writing a paper, reading, or studying—live streams on Tiktok, often using the hashtag #studywithme. The person’s followers receive a push notification and occasionally make comments. Users say hearing from others helps create a learning community.

One of the goals of the practice is to put pressure on the streamer to work for at least a minimum amount of time. Says one practitioner, “It’s holding me accountable. If I’m going live, I have to lock in for at least 30 minutes because it might take 10 minutes for people to log on to my stream, and if I’m not there once they find it, I’ve wasted their time and mine.”

It turns out the activity has roots in a treatment called “body doubling,” or having a partner watch and keep a person on track. TikTok is taking the place of a human whose very presence encourages the other to complete tasks.

Young, J. (2023, July 13). Students turn to TikTok for study buddies. EdSurge.

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