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Ivy League Degrees Don’t Net Higher Salaries (Mostly)… Graduates Concerned about AI Impact on Jobs… Late Night Study Events Grow in Popularity
Is going to an Ivy financially worth it? … Research reveals how AI is affecting jobs… Changing up the all-nighter cram sesh. Read more.

Top Jobs for College Grads… Guest Speakers Offer Real-World Advice… TikTok Helps Students Focus
Ten jobs requiring college degrees in the tight job market… Students gain valuable mentoring and information from guest speakers… One way to form study alliances. Read more.

Students Reveal Best Teaching Practices… Five Musts for Successful Résumés in 2023… Is a College Degree Still Worth the Cost?
Students describe their favorite teaching strategies… Today’s résumés should reflect these five trends… A college degree still pays. Read more.

Generation Gap Pervades Perceptions at the Office… Desire to Do Good Affects Salary… Need for Remote Workers Dips
From boomers to Gen Z, all generations don’t view themselves as others do… Grads get more satisfaction from doing good than from high salary… Employers need fewer remote workers. Read more.

Four Easy Ways to Improve Google Searches… Message Using Positivity… Academic Rigor Biggest Cause of Student Anxiety
Tricks to improve search results… Even the office grouch can become more positive… Students from private and public institutions blame challenging curricula for mental stress. Read more.

Navigating Work-Life Boundaries When Colleagues Party… Handling Cryptic Notes from the Boss… 5 Dos and Don’ts During Internships
Making smart choices when the office moves to the bar… The buzzword message pls fix requires fast action… Navigating an internship. Read more.

Emoji Meanings Differ Across Generations… Good News for This Year’s Graduates… Should Instructors Allow Smartphones in Class? 
Gen Z attaches different meanings to emoji… Hiring is hot in these industries… Managing smartphone use in the classroom. Read more. Read more

Connect With Students From Day One… How to Evaluate Participation… Has Voice Messaging Replaced Texting?
Tips for bonding with students… Tried-and-true methods for evaluating participation… Voice messaging etiquette. Read more.

With Anxious Students, Try a Little Tenderness… It’s Okay to Fail (If You Learn from It)… Has the Workplace Become Ruder?
Take out the kid gloves with anxious students… Ask students why a class isn’t gelling… Bad manners abound. Read more.

Job Titles Change—Dramatically… Average Time to Graduate: Five Years… Gen Z Prefers Less Flexible Workplace
Goodbye Human Relations Director, hello Chief People Officer. Students don’t complete the number of units they sign up for. Gen Z wants in-person mentoring and social opportunities on the job. Read more.

Good News: Business Degrees Pay for Themselves… Instant-Messaging Platform Slack Becomes Aid in Job Hunt… Do Employers Really Value Alternative Credentials?
Business majors pay off debt faster than most majors… Invitation-only Slack groups lead to new jobs… College degree or alternative credential? Read more.

Power Suit vs. Workleisure… Easy Syllabus Fixes for Student Success … Is Swearing at Work Okay? Business comfort wear is giving traditional work wardrobes a run for the money… The Student Experience Project (SEP) provides tips for revising syllabi… Has cursing at work become acceptable? Read more.

Dealing with Toxic Co-Workers… Downside of Informal Work Protocols… Résumé Tips for Remote Jobs
How to work with difficult people… Beware of the overly informal workplace… Remote job applications require a different approach. Read more.

One-Page Résumé Still Rules the Job Search… Be Your Own Best Friend… Do Happy Animated Instructors Improve Virtual Learning?
Recruiters prefer old school résumés; self pep talks reign supreme; lively instructors preferred over boring grumps—even virtual ones. Read more.

How to Show Confidence during Job Interviews… Job Opportunities Look Bright for 2022 Grads… Remote Work Costing Gen Z Valuable Life Lessons
Acing interviews… Hot job market offers great news for 2022 grads… Gen Z remote workers missing valuable lessons learned in an office. Read more.

Employers Are Watching Workers Remotely… Female Workers Shun Deadline Extensions, Male Workers Don’t… Will a Three-Year Degree Become a Reality?
Spying on remote workers… Women drive themselves harder in the workplace than men… Academics seriously study the possibility of a reimagined college degree. Read more.

Job Market Boom Creates Demand for College Degrees… Gig Economy Offers Up Part-time Job Opportunities… AI Software Overlooks Qualified Candidates
Seniors and new grads being snapped up… Earning extra cash using the gig economy… How AI misses (and messes up!) the job search. Read more.

Upholding Grading Rigor During the Pandemic… Microsoft Updates and Expands Emoji… #CareerTok Funnels Video Résumés
Reward students who work hard… New emojis for the new year… TikTok offers résumé service. Read more.

How Instructors Can Help Student Well-Being… It’s Okay to Network Without Drinking… Getting Students to Do the Reading
Three easy tips to help guide students through the pandemic… Navigating networking events for the non-drinker… Ways to encourage students to do assigned readings. Read more.

Ask Better Questions to Elicit Better Responses… Business Grads’ Job Opportunities Soar… Self-Doubt May Be Impostor Syndrome.
Instructors who plan questions prompt better answers… Grads with business degrees make up top undergraduate vertical… First gen students often feel a lack of competence. Read more.

Set Goals, Improve Focus… Ask Questions, Be More Likable… Habits of Resilient People
Simple steps to setting goals… Harvard research explains why to ask questions… Building resiliency. Read more.

The Best Career Advice? Stay Positive… A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way… An E-Mail-Free Summer (Well, Almost) for Work-Life Balance
Purge defeatist thinking … Harvard researchers explain the importance of workplace kindness … Managing e-mail sanely. Read more.

Waiving SAT, ACT Causes Huge Uptick in Applications to Top Schools … Grab Hiring Managers’ Attention… Novel System Improves Note-Taking
Coveted schools grapple with overwhelming number of applications … Write compelling job application e-mails… Take notes by category. Read more.

Answering the Dreaded Salary Question…Ace That Video Job Interview…Questions Not to Ask in Job Interviews.
Tips for responding to salary expectation question… Prep for video interviews… Personal questions are taboo. Read more.

Faculty Burnout Blazes… Ta-Ta, Open Offices… LinkedIn Offers New Tool
Coping with burnout… RIP to open office space… Snapchat-like function joins Linkedin features. Read more.

Make Synchronous Teaching More Effective… Facebook Returns to Its College Roots… Stay Focused When Working at Home
Teaching advice for synchronous online learning… Facebook Campus makes its debut… Tips to control distractions and work effectively from home. Read more.

Multitasking Spreads Fear, Sadness… Work from Home Limits Innovation… Want to Be Resilient?
Multitasking creates anxiety that spreads… In-person groups needed to spark creativity… Mental toughness can be developed. Read more.

Connecting to Students During the Pandemic… Nailing a Zoom Job Interview… Ancient Greeks Named What We’re Feeling Today
Making learning online more meaningful for students… More equitable classrooms… Our modern woes wouldn’t have been news to the ancient Greeks, who coined a word for it. Read more.

Top 10 Tips for Teaching Online… Creating Inclusive Classrooms… Gender Stereotypes Hamper Women’s Confidence
Making online learning more meaningful for students… More equitable classrooms… Even successful women need recognition from leaders. Read more.

Be Yourself During Interviews… Coronavirus Changes Digital Etiquette… Isolation Can Be Good for Problem Solving
Show your colors during interviews… Remember to show humanity in correspondence during the pandemic… Teams work best with intermittent rather than continuous interaction. Read more.

Harvard Prof Says Hard Work Isn’t Enough… Cover Letter No-Nos… Making Slide Presentations Short and Sweet
Career advice on how to turn adversity into advantage… Tips for cover letters… Japanese presentation format PechaKucha brings fresh ideas to slide presentations. Read more.

Ask Questions and Make Connections… Build a Network Beyond Peers… Robot-Proofing Résumés
Question asking leads to popularity and success… Building a network using a 360-degree perspective… Ways to trick applicant-screening systems. Read more.

Hearing Negative Feedback is Good… Employers Changing Job Post Language… Walking the Fine Line Between Confidence and Arrogance
Dos and don’ts for dealing with criticism… New language attempts to attract more diverse applicants… Avoid irritating recruiters. Read more.

Writing E-mails That Will Be Read… Millennials Uncertain About Career Futures… Tips for Starting Conversations
How to compose e-mails people actually read… Millennials must continually retool their skill sets… Breaking the conversational ice. Read more.

Growth Mindset Training Can Help Learning… Use Your Fear and Succeed… And the Most Annoying Office Jargon Is…
Growth mindset works (most of the time)… Turn fear into growth… eye rolls for the most cringeworthy business jargon… Read more.

Choose Skill over Passion… Surviving Rocky Interviews… Are Social Media the Death Knell to Academia?
We’re meant to do what we’re good at… navigating a job interview going south… Too many “likes” in academic scholarship? Read more.

Ghosting a Hirer Will Haunt You… The Art of Self Promotion… Writing Lessons from Jeff Bezos
Why avoiding the uncomfortable task of saying no to a job offer is a bad idea… advice about owning personal accomplishments for even the most modest… Amazon’s Jeff Bezos believes in the writing process. Read more.

Employers Favor Men (But Not Why You Think)Advice from the Career Trenches… Chill Out—It’s Good for You
Employers choose men over women based on faulty presumptions… Millennial misery-to-bliss career stories… the importance of doing nothing. Read these curated news articles of interest to students so you can share them in class. Read more.

New Grads Seek More than Salary… Be More Savvy about Online Privacy… Yes, You Should Answer E-mails
New grads want rewards from a job that money just can’t buy… Avoiding online indiscretion to help land jobs… Don’t be a digital snob. Read more.

Notetaking News… Using Searchability to Attract Recruiters… Job Interview No-Nos
Research update on the handwriting v. typing notetaking war… How to attract recruiters with social media… Conversational pitfalls during interviews. Read more.

Tips for College Grads… Change Anti-Networking Feelings, Says Harvard… Why Internships Count
Suggestions for making the most out of professional life… Network now or you’ll never catch up… It’s true what they say about internships, and here’s why. Read more.

Never Make These Comments to Recruiters… Employers Are Texting Potential Hires… Super Skills Needed for Changing Job Landscape
Phrases to avoid if you want the job… Texting potential new hires is a thing… Five skills to make employees relevant in the age of AI and automation. Read more.

College Grads Grab 90% of Jobs… Just What Is Business Casual? … Calming Pre-Presentation Jitters
Employers still want college grads, but not if they can’t perform on the job… What you wear to work depends on where you work… Dealing with the most common fear. Read more.

Exclamation Point or Not?! … E-mail Grows Up and Takes on New Role… Employers Say College Degree Is Key
Keeping the pervasive punctuation mark professional… Are e-mails the new formal letter? … Business leaders say college degree is essential. Read more.

Discrimination Alive and Well in Workplace… Growing Stigma over Phone Rudeness… Time to Revive Handwriting
What happens when minorities “whiten” their résumés?…“Phubbing” (snubbing with a smartphone) reaps repercussions… Taking notes by hand beats typing. Read more.

To Hug or Not to Hug?… Millennials Take a Gloomy View of Business… Promotions Are a Gender Thing
Is a hug a show of warmth or a power play?…. Deloitte’s latest survey on millennials exposes their disapproval of contemporary business ethics…. When promotions are given out, the sexes stick together. Read more.

“Find Your Passion” is Bad Advice…. Gentlemen, Please Step Up…. How to Shine at Work
Waiting for the lightbulb doesn’t work…. Maybe we’d have fewer additions to the #MeToo movement if men were just nicer…. Advice for young professionals. Read more.

Dating Coworkers a Sticky Wicket… Commas Count, Court Rules, and Company Pays… Tricks to Stoke Memory
With office romances, what’s okay and what’s verboten?… Lack of an Oxford comma costs a dairy big bucks… A memory champ (yes, it’s a thing) offers tips. Read more.

Smartphones Are Making Us Dumb… Unpaid Internships Are Baaack… The Selfie That Won’t Die
Overdependence on smartphones impedes intellect… New rules allow employers to hire interns for free—again… Those disappearing selfies aren’t. Read more.

Business Cards Get Creative… Why Workers are Unhappy… LinkedIn Profiles à la 2018
Odd-shaped cards that stand out breathe new life into an old business convention… Fewer than one-third of U.S. workers say they are happy in their jobs… Tips to catch an employer’s eye. Read more.

Submit Job Applications in Early A.M.… No Callback? Fix What Went Wrong… Body Language Speaks Volumes
Timing matters when sending in job applications… Avoid making the same mistakes in interviews… Sit up straight and smile, plus other body language tips. Read more.

Scams Target Millennial Job Searchers… Music Exec Offers Pitch-Perfect Job Advice… Networking No-Nos
Millennials are at high risk for internet job scams… Pearls of career wisdom from a pro… What not to do when networking.Read more.

Coming to Your Classroom Soon—Gen Z!… Remote Workers Being Recalled… Wanted: Good Writers… Easy Focus Fix
They’re worry-warts and there are lots of them… Research shows teams function better when they’re physically together… Only competent writers need apply… A cool focusing function buried in clear sight… Read more.

Networking 101 for Introverts… The New Etiquette of Phone Calls…  Start a Great Career in Your 20s
Advice for the timid networker… Tips for making the most out of phone calls… Career advice from Fortune 500 leaders. Read more.

Are Your Students Too Familiar with You? Texting the Initial Interview… You Know the Worst Filler Words?
The case for formal titles in the college classroom… Employers reaching millennials where they live—on their smartphones… And the award for the worst filler words is… Read more.

What’s a Guy to Wear??  Finding a Mentor—An Essential Career Step… For Some Hirers, Algorithms Trump Résumés
The conundrum of men’s work wardrobe choices … New hires should find a mentor ASAP… Major employer opts for technology to screen new-hires. Read more.

Tips for Networking Novices… Recipe for Successful Teams… Recruiters’ Thumbs Ups (and Downs!) on LinkedIn Profiles
Pointers for career-launching strategies… Ingredients for successful collaboration… Tweaking a LinkedIn Profile to maximize results. Read more.

Hey, Be Nice!… Geography Determines Dress Code… Female Millennials Suffer from Depression, Burnout
Bad manners in the workplace undermine collaboration… employees in hoodies and flip flops are  as common as staff in a suit and tie… more female millennial employees experience depression and burnout than their male counterparts. Read more.

Paltering Makes Deception Easier… Top Fields, Skills for Internships… New Workplace Platforms Improve Collaboration
Study shows lying by omission is common… New info just in time for internship season… Workplace communication apps grow in popularity. Read more.

Lose These Lousy Work Habit… Culture Fit Crucial for New-Hires… Four Job Applicant Must-Haves
Some bad habits are career killers… Employers are screening candidates in odd ways to assess whether they will fit into the organization… Savvy job seekers will demonstrate that they possess the these soft skills  today’s employers demand. Read more.

Help Learning Student Names…Digital Natives Prefer Conversations in Person…Be More Productive–Work in 90-Minute Increments
Tips to help remembering names…Research finds some young workers prefer one-on-one conversations…Short spurts of focused work trumps all-nighters. Read more.

Employers Desperate for Soft Skills … Job Hopping Common … College Major Affects Earnings … 5 Habit Leaders Practice
Critical thinking and communication skills are scarce among new hires … Job hopping is okay–except when it’s not … No surprise: college major and earnings potential are linked … Leaders take care of themselves and others. Read more.

Handling Political Questioning During Interviews … Emoji Invade Workplace Communication … To Stand Out, Shake Up Interview Q&A
How to work around the pitfall of discussing politics…Emoji go mainstream…Gracefully insert your own agenda item during an interview. Read more.

Recruiters to Interviewees: Stop Making These Mistakes! … Effective Networking Is Career Mandatory … When Not to Use E-mail
Avoid typical landmines when interviewing…How young professionals can master networking…Think before hitting the “send” button. Read more.

Welcome to Work, Generation Z—Now Learn to E-mail! … College Grads Lack Communication Skills, Employers Say … Half of New Hires Make the Same Huge Career Mistake
‘The texting generation needs an e-mail tutorial…Employers complain about new grads’ written and oral communication skills…Negotiate initial salary to increase lifetime earnings. Read more.

The Truth and Nothing but…Can a Type Font Kill Your Chance for an Interview?…Pre-Hire Tests Squeeze Out Young Job Seekers
Lying during the job search… Times New Roman is really dead… Pre-job tests are harder to ace than finals. Read more.

Are Elite Colleges Worth the Cost?The New Normal—Employers Check Workers’ Online PresenceFlip Phones Making a Comeback?
High-cost private colleges only pay for some majors…Current employees, watch out—Big Brother is watching…Low-tech phones provide a rest from the wired world. Read more.

Wardrobe Choices for Interviews…Read This Before Starting a New Job…Four Skills Employers Seek
What to wear at an Interview in today’s diverse workplace…Advice for success at a new job…Soft skills employers most want. Read more.

“Generation Connected” to Cause Quantum Shift in Workplace…Uptalk + Vocal Fry = Incompetence, Say Employers…Yes, Even Techies Need to Know How to Write.
”Generation Connected” has arrived!… Women’s voices are a double-edged sword…From daily correspondence to explaining grand ideas, techies need to write. Read more.

Tips for Telephone InterviewsEmployers Scoff at Online Classes…Don’t Sleep on Big Decisions
Acing telephone interviews with a few easy pointers…Online credentials don’t measure up quite yet…Make big decisions while the facts are freshest. Read more.

Worst Résumé Mistakes EverNew App Slack Lets Users Really Chat…E-mail Response Wait Time
A former Google recruiter names his résumé pet peeves…Office communication develops a personality…What goes into decisions about when to respond to emails. Read more.

Think Before Showing That InkGreat Mentors Have These 7 TraitsBusiness Phone Call Making Comeback
To ink or not to ink… Choosing a mentor… Sometimes  speaking to a colleague is the best channel of communication. Read more.

Employers Start to Give Millennials the Axe…How to Leave a Job Gracefully… Indulge in Temptation to Thwart Procrastination?
Advice for millennials who want to stay employed…Actions to take prior to quitting a job…Study shows ways to avoid procrastinating. Read more.

Humblebraggers Score Zero…Cultural Fit Important to Clinch the Job…Millennials Need Skills Brush-up
Insincere self-aggrandizement…Meshing with established company culture…Soft skills lacking in new workers. Read more.

The Truth and Nothing but…Can a Type Font Kill Your Chance for an Interview?Pre-Hire Tests Squeeze Out Young Job Seekers
Why  not to lie on a résumé…Times New Roman is old…More employers adopt tests that hurt new graduates. Read more.

Grit Trumps SmartsUS Millennials’ Skills Under ParLegwork Leads to Prestigious Summer InternshipsEmotional Intelligence Pays at Work
Perseverance pays off–literally–in the workplace…Students’ reading and math skills lag…Hard work breaks barriers on Wall Street…Aptitude for assessing the workplace reaps cash. Read more.

Questions to Avoid at Interviews…Who Gets Raises … Job Search Apps
Topics to never bring up at the end of an interview…Over 40 percent of workers ask for raises, but who actually gets one? … Yes, there is an app for that job search! Read more.

Lessons from the Sony E-mail Hack…Open Office Damages Productivity…Overcome Public Speaking Jitters
Takeaways from tacky e-mails at Sony…Distractions kill productivity in open offices…Advice from Mark Twain about avoiding public speaking anxiety. Read more.

Send in Anger, Repent by Groveling……Post-Interview “Subtle Sell” a Must…Bright Outlook for 2015 Grads…Speak up to Prevent Long-Lasting Workplace Hostilities
How to recover from e-mails sent in anger…Closing the deal after the interview…Finally, good news for college grads….Apologizing for insensitive remarks. Read more.

No More  Pounding the Pavement…Millennials are Job Hoppers…Freelance Numbers Climbing
Virtual recruiting methods replace traditional job search…Millennials stay in jobs about two years…Over a third of American workers are freelancers. Read more.

Three Steps to Productive Office Hours
Sit on your hands, ask open-ended questions, and don’t focus on writing errors. Read more.

Adios to Rigid Dress Codes…SEC Grammar Police…”Test Drive” Hiring
Employers must make a case for their dated notions of what to wear to work…The SEC grammar police are strict!…Hiring on a trial basis gains traction. Read more.

Students Turn Off Phones in Class and Like It…“Pink Ghetto” of PR Pays Off for Women…Bookless College Library—New Trend?
Instructor offers “bribe” of extra credit in return for students’ phones…Women dominate PR…Another blow to books. Read more.

Digital Rebuttals Gaining TractionBusiness Students Wanted!…College Classroom E-Etiquette…
George Clooney and Walmart both make digital rebuttals…employers prefer business students…pass along e-etiquette advice to your students! Read more.

Hidden Jobs, Overshare, Retiring from Facebook
Unadvertised jobs make up nearly 85% of unfilled openings…Know when to zip your lips at work…clean up Facebook presence by going dark. Read more.

UCSB Students Rise Above Tragedy with Guffey Award
Two graduating seniors at UCSB took a moment to enjoy winning the Guffey Prize for Advanced Business Communication. Read more.

Interviewers Pick Fits in 5 Minutes…Are Business Cards Dead?…Personal Mission Statements
Catch up on news relevant to our students’ job searches. Read more.

Good Photo a Must for LinkedIn Profile
Remember when photos were verboten for résumés and the job search? No longer. Read more.

Sage Advice from a College Senior Who Landed a Job
Students are used to getting advice from counselors, instructors, and of course, their parents. But when one of their own talks, students may very well listen a little harder. Read more.

Conversing in Business
Most business is still conducted in conversations either by phone or face to face, so good communication skills are essential to success. Read more.

Gaga Over Grammar
First it was the bestselling Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance to Approach to Punctuation. Then came Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tricks to Better Writing. You’d think with these books selling millions of copies that grammar was making a comeback from the Dark Days of Whole Language Theory. Read more.

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