Early Semester Assignment to Build Student Engagement

Instructors: Students will feel more empowered and engaged if they know about resources and opportunities on their campus. The task below prompts students to research activities that could be vital to their success as academics and citizens.  

In this assignment you will discover ways to enrich your college experience by researching academic and social activities your campus and community provide. For example, if you are having trouble with a course, look into your professor’s office hours, academic counseling, or peer tutoring. Perhaps you are eager to meet new people. To do so, learn about student clubs and recreational activities your campus offers. Many students find volunteer work satisfying as a good way to break into specific fields. Look into service clubs in your area (Kiwanis, Rotary, Big Brothers/Sisters, animal shelters) or other volunteer possibilities that mesh with your values.

Then, as directed by your instructor, create an e-mail, short memo, or table in which you name five activities that interest you. State why you think they will enhance your success, and explain when and where you can attend or participate. Be sure to include specific details tied to your campus/community and how your choices reflect your personal goals.




Date:               September 27, 2023

To:                   Prof. XWZ

From:              Student Name

Subject:          Resources for Success

In response to your request to research five activities our campus provides that will help me attain my academic and social goals, I have determined that the options below represent the best opportunities considering my desire to enter business after I graduate.

  1. Campus Chapter of the American Marketing Association. This student-run group offers networking possibilities, resources, and opportunities for direct experience in the marketing field, which I hope to enter. I’ve signed up to receive notices of upcoming events, which are held on campus.
  2. Community Affairs Board (CAB). This volunteer group offers many activities that benefit the surrounding community. As an animal lover, I am interested in volunteering at one of the animal shelters CAB links with and have signed up for the group’s e-mail newsletters detailing specific animal-related opportunities close to campus.
  3. Public and Mental Health Commission. I was surprised to learn that our school offers free peer counseling to help student better navigate college life. I have already made an appointment because I’m having some issues I’d like to discuss privately.
  4. Adventure Programs. This group takes an overnight trip once per semester. I’ve never been camping and think it would be fun to learn about it. In addition, this activity offers a way to see some of the state that I’ve never been able to visit.
  5. Campus Learning Assistance Services (CLAS). Our campus offers free tutoring. I definitely need some help in my calculus class. I can drop in or schedule an appointment.

Thank you, Prof. XYZ, for requiring us to research our own campus. I had no idea I could have missed out on so many opportunities.



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