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Which Is It–i.e. or e.g.?

[Instructors: Download PDFs of the exercise and suggested solutions at the end of the post.]

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The Latin abbreviations i.e.and e.g.are often confused because although they do not mean the exact same thing, they are closely related.

I.e. is the abbreviation for id est, or in English, that is. It is another way to say in other wordsand is used to introduce further clarification.

Example: My job requires good communication skills, i.e., clear writing and fluent conversing.

E.g. stands for the Latin exempli gratia, or in English, for example, and is used to introduce an example.

Example: I enjoy team sports, e.g., field hockey and basketball.

Follow these rules when using i.e. and e.g.

  • Never italicize i.e. or e.g.
  • Always include periods after each letter.
  • Do not start a sentence with i.e. or e.g.
  • Place a comma before and after the abbreviation.

Your task. In the sentences below, choose the correct abbreviation, i.e. or e.g.

  1. As an ER nurse, Joe works the late shift, (i.e. or e.g.), from 12 am to 8 am.
  2. The Winter Olympics include a variety of outdoor activities, (i.e. or e.g.), luge, freestyle skiing, and speed skating.
  3. As sea levels continue to rise, many American cities will be affected, (i.e. or e.g.) New Orleans, New York City, and San Diego.
  4. In addition to hiking and painting, I regularly participate in self-supported bicycle touring, (i.e. or e.g.), traveling hundreds of miles with all my camping equipment.
  5. The marketing team will require only the basic presentation materials for the Atlanta trip (i.e. or e.g.), Product Benefits PowerPoint and Competitor Comparison Checklist.
  6. We eliminated the Cronos shoe from our upcoming catalog after customer complaints pointed us to a significant quality issue, (i.e. or e.g.), the red ink was not colorfast.
  7. I will be traveling on business to three big cities, (i.e. or e.g.), Atlanta, Austin, and Denver.
  8. Our new product line will introduce many new flavors, (i.e. or e.g.), mango chutney, maple walnut, and peach cream.
  9. The hotel offers an array of business services, (i.e. or e.g.), free Wi-Fi, copying, and faxing.
  10. Some African countries, (i.e. or e.g.), Nigeria, South Africa, and Egypt, had a high GDP.

Which Is It Exercise

Which Is It Answer Key


Requesting a Letter of Recommendation

E-mails requesting a letter of recommendation for graduate school applications, jobs, or internships should be polished and well-constructed. Follow the pointers below to help compose an e-mail that will make a good impression on a former or current instructor.

  • Request letters from instructors who know you beyond attendance in a class and are likely to remember you, if you took the class more than a year earlier.
  • Write in a conversational yet professional tone.
  • Use a proper salutation, such as Dear Professor Sandoval or Dear Dr. Wilson, if the instructor has a doctorate.
  • Include a photo to help the instructor recall who you are and a copy of the job/internship description if applying for a position.
  • Provide all the information the professor will need to write the letter including: (a) memory jog of the class you took, which term, grade received, classroom participation, and any specific interactions you had with the instructor; (b) current résumé; (c) explanation of the reason for the letter; (d) when and how the letter is to be submitted. Note: never assume a quick turnaround. Professors are busy. Give the instructor two to four weeks to compose the letter.
  • Thank the instructor for taking the time to write a letter in a sincere fashion by avoiding cloying clichés such as “Because I learned so much from your class… “

Your task. Analyze the request for a letter of recommendation below. Then rewrite it using your own situation.

Hey, Liliana!

Howzit? I hope you had an awesome time on that trip you talked to us about in class! Since you were one of my favorite profs EVER 😊I was hoping you’d write me a letter of rec for this job I’m applying for. I really loved your class and learned so much in it. I need the letter like really soon, so if you could send it to by the end of this week, that would be really cool! Call me at 509-667-3422 if you need anything.

Thanks for your help!


Classroom Exercise Letter of Recommendation

Suggested Solution

Using Action Words in Résumés

[Instructors: PDFs of the exercise and solution key can be found at the end of the post]

Hirers looking at résumés are notorious for speed reading, so writing concise, powerfully
worded experience statements is critical.

To make experience statements effective, do the following:

  • Begin with a strong action verb (present tense for current job, past tense for former positions).
  • Quantify where possible and add detail to provide context.
  • Omit I.
  • Use truncated language rather than complete sentences.


Poor                  I am a good speaker and have given talks to large audiences.

Improved         Used finely-honed speaking skills while presenting to audiences of 50+.

In the experience statements below, replace the bland verb with a stronger action verb, and flesh out the sentences so a reader would find them more descriptive as well as vivid.

  1. Have good writing skills.
  2. Worked well with teammates.
  3. Showed new employees very difficult payroll system.
  4. Did data input with Data Entry App on a daily basis.
  5. Was good at customer service especially for complaints.
  6. Can use Adobe CS for variety of projects like newsletters.
  7. Went to weekly status meetings.
  8. Responsible for counting cash and doing bank deposit slips.
  9. Got Best Salesperson of the month.
  10. Made weekly report spreadsheet about sales statistics.

Action Words in Résumés-Exercise

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