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Creating an Elevator Pitch

Instructors: A downloadable PDF of this exercise is available at the end of this post.

An elevator pitch is an integral part of the job search. It is a brief (60 seconds or less) persuasive speech that describes who you are and what you can offer an organization. An elevator pitch includes the following elements:

  • Your name and academic background (year, school, major/minor)
  • Your objectives and aspirations (what you want to accomplish)
  • Skills/characteristics that paint a picture of your suitability for a job (hard worker, creative team player, critical thinker, etc.)
  • Your potential value to a company (your skillset or a unique quality that would make you a valuable asset)
  • Request for suggestions, advice, or a meeting

Use the template below to create your own elevator pitch. Make sure you practice to ensure it is no longer than one minute.

Hi, my name is ______________and I am about to graduate from ______________with a major in ______________. Recently I  ______________ where I was able to develop skills such as ______________. I’m most confident about my skills in ______________. I’m inspired by the field (or position) of ______________because ______________. My ultimate aim is to ______________. I’m looking for a position in ______________. Do you have any suggestions or advice on how I can ______________?

Download the exercise here: Elevator Pitch Activity

Classroom Exercise: Researching a Company

[Instructors: Discuss this table with your students; then have them do their own research using form at the end of this post.]

A major part of any job search is finding a company that meshes with your own needs and values. The table below describes aspects of researching a company that can help you find the perfect fit. After reviewing it, use the Company Research Worksheet to list what you learn about organizations you may want to work for.

Element to research Details Where to conduct research
Company values Many employees are happiest when working for an organization whose basic ideologies and business practices coincide with their own (e.g. social causes or innovation).


Company website (About section) company pages



Salary, health care, stock options, and other perks (flexible schedules, onsite facilities, etc.) affect a job’s attractiveness.


Company website (About section) company pages


Business operations

Learn about how the organization makes its money, who buys its products, and what those products’ ratings are. Look for hints about the firm’s stability such as length of time in business, growth patterns, and industry trends. Research the company’s culture, too.


Company website

Annual reports




Leaders set a firm’s goals and motivate and guide the organization to realize its mission.


Company website

News interviews

Social media platforms


News presence

Scan for news about the company. Read customer forums and product reviews to learn more about the company’s reputation. Media sites

Organization’s forums/reviews



Firsthand information


Talk to insiders or other experts who know the firm.


Your networks


Company Research Worksheet


LinkedIn Profile and About Worksheet

[Instructors: We’ve provided a blank student worksheet at the bottom of this post.]


Millions of employers use LinkedIn to find new hires, so completing a LinkedIn Profile and About section—a textbox at the top of the LinkedIn Profile that acts as an overview of your skills and abilities—is a mandatory aspect of any job search. Examine the sample below. Then use the worksheet to compile information you’ll need to create a compelling LinkedIn Profile, including the About section (formerly called Summary).

LinkedIn Profile and About Example

Element Element Purpose/Specifications Example
Headline (220 characters maximum)


Answer What are you doing now? and What do you hope to do? UNC Econ Major and Aspiring Financial Analyst Seeks NGO Internship
Summary (2600 characters maximum) Describe what motivates you, what you’re good at, and what you hope comes next: Tips:

  • Use industry specific words
  • Write in 1st person
  • Explain your current situation
  • Use short paragraphs
  • Include info about non-work life
  • Add media (links to files, images, videos, résumé)
I’m a senior in Econ at UNC with a passion for numbers and analytics and strong desire to work in a company that practices effective altruism. As a member of my school’s investment club, my research prowess helped increase our investment return by 18%, which helped fund a local food bank. Currently I’m finishing up my degree and working 20 hours/week gathering and analyzing data for a green funding organization. When I’m not working, I play tennis at a ranked amateur level.

A skilled writer and great communicator, I’m actively looking for an internship in a company that believes we can save the planet by funding the right kinds of organizations. I’m anxious to do my part.

List experience (jobs, internships, volunteering, pro sports) Include complete information for each entry (name of company; location; title; dates worked) Marin Bank & Trust, Marin, CA. Wealth Management Intern, 2021-2022.
Include any computer-related skills/knowledge, languages. Skills are broken into these areas:

  • Top Skills
  • Industry Knowledge
  •  Tools & Technologies
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Other Skills
  • Strong analytical and financial modeling skills
  •  Proven strategic thinker
  •  Excellent presentation skills
  • Honed ability to influence and persuade
  • Developing knowledge of ERP systems and related technologies
  • Good understanding of Sarbanes-Oxley
Education information School, degree(s), major/minor, certificates


Clemson University, BS, Marketing, School of Business, 2022.