Creating an Elevator Pitch

Instructors: A downloadable PDF of this exercise is available at the end of this post.

An elevator pitch is an integral part of the job search. It is a brief (60 seconds or less) persuasive speech that describes who you are and what you can offer an organization. An elevator pitch includes the following elements:

  • Your name and academic background (year, school, major/minor)
  • Your objectives and aspirations (what you want to accomplish)
  • Skills/characteristics that paint a picture of your suitability for a job (hard worker, creative team player, critical thinker, etc.)
  • Your potential value to a company (your skillset or a unique quality that would make you a valuable asset)
  • Request for suggestions, advice, or a meeting

Use the template below to create your own elevator pitch. Make sure you practice to ensure it is no longer than one minute.

Hi, my name is ______________and I am about to graduate from ______________with a major in ______________. Recently I  ______________ where I was able to develop skills such as ______________. I’m most confident about my skills in ______________. I’m inspired by the field (or position) of ______________because ______________. My ultimate aim is to ______________. I’m looking for a position in ______________. Do you have any suggestions or advice on how I can ______________?

Download the exercise here: Elevator Pitch Activity

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