Smooth Speaking Is #1 Employer Want  

Communication skills have always been desired qualities in new-hires, but recently, speaking skills in particular have shot to the number one spot of what employers want. Such skills, however, are also difficult to find, according to research conducted by the Association of American Colleges & Universities.

Good speaking skills include the ability to converse and express thoughts clearly and concisely and are just as important if addressing an audience of one or one thousand. It is little wonder that employers seek this skill. The ability to express oneself is important to nearly every aspect of work: landing an interview, securing the position, and doing a good job once hired. Businesses exist because their employees can discuss problems and request information, give instructions, and collaborate.

Speaking well requires several other abilities, all of which can be honed. Active listening during a conversation promotes understanding others’ messages, the first step to a meaningful response. Body language such as looking someone in the eye shows that the listener is concentrating on what is being said. Fast thinking and organizing thoughts aid responding well during a conversation. Of course, having the vocabulary to give voice to ideas helps a speaker communicate with precision and without frustration.

Whether speaking in person, on the phone, in a group, or to an audience, communication skills are key to a successful career. Just ask any hirer.


  1. Why do you think employers are finding it so difficult to hire employees who speak well?
  2. What types of jobs require speaking skills?
  3. What can you do to improve your speaking skills?

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