Wardrobe Choices for Interviews ..Read This Before Starting a New Job…Four Skills Employers Seek

Wardrobe Choices for Interviews


Knowing what to wear to an interview can be confusing, especially as styles become increasingly informal. Experts offer the below pointers to college students seeking work.

  • Avoid clothing that is obviously expensive unless you are entering the fashion industry. A boss may assume you come from an affluent background and do not need to work hard.
  • Wear accessories to spice up your outfit if you are entering a field requiring creativity. An Apple watch or a colorful tie can do the trick, but only if you wear such accents naturally.
  • Dress one step up from the current staff. If you know employees wear jeans, you should wear trousers, a button-down shirt, and a jacket (though not a suit).
  • Show you have good sense. If you are interviewing for a job in which you will meet with clients, dress as you would if you were going on a client call.
  • Trim facial hair. Beards are not a problem as long as they are neat.
  • Comb your hair—never go to an interview looking shaggy.

–from The Wall Street Journal

Read This Before Starting a New Job

Fresh with your new diploma, you are about to start a job. Don’t blow it! Follow these pointers before you show up for your first day.

  • Research the industry you are entering. Read trade journals and conduct Internet research to learn about the industry at large and where your new organization fits into it.
  • Be ready to work without hand holding. There is no syllabus to follow in a new job, and no one has the time to give you step-by-step instructions.
  • Act like a professional. Wear the right kinds of clothes, be punctual, and behave kindly and respectfully to those around you.

Once on the job, discuss what success in your job means with your boss. Does it mean meeting a quota? Gaining new clients? Set clear goals. Then learn the best way to communicate with your boss. Just because you are used to messaging systems, you may have a boss who prefers face-to-face meetings.

–from Payscale.com

Four Skills Employers Seek

You may be able to write code in your sleep, but that’s not enough to guarantee landing a job. Employers need new hires who also excel in the following soft skills.

Communication Skills. Over 70 percent of employers need new hires who write well and communicate verbally with ease.

Organization. Nearly every employer considers organization a key skill. This includes a neat workspace as well as clear thinking.

Leadership. More than 80% of employers look for evidence of leadership experience on new graduates’ résumés. Leadership can mean the ability to rev up a lackluster team or revamp a chaotic situation.

Relationship Management. Being able to form and keep relationships is key whether you work with the public or colleagues.

–from QuintCareers.com

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