The Next Job Search Frontier—Video

We all know that a paper résumé is old school. Social media sites have long replaced want ads as the way to look for a position. But are videos becoming part of the job hunter’s arsenal?

Experts say video can be an important component that helps bring a job seeker to the job market place. However, they advise against a video being the moving equivalent of a selfie. Instead, a video should cover a topic that illustrates the job seeker’s interests.

Brandy Nagel, a “marketing catalyst” and social media coach, suggests curation, an increasingly used method by which an individual culls existing material and provides links to that material—whether it is an article, a video, or some other text or image—to his or her network. Doing so can communicate information that will not be apparent from a résumé if the video is done professionally. It also shows that the job seeker is conversant in technology.

Discussion: What sort of videos would be inappropriate to post on a job-related social media site? How might posts of industry-related videos improve your chances of being noticed on social media? How should you dress if you “host” a video and post it to LinkedIn?

Source: Hanlon, L. (2013, November 10). Job video: Stand out by doing your best. Los Angeles Times, p. B4.

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