Beef Up Résumé While in College

Students who leave college with a résumé that shows experience and accomplishments stand a much better chance of impressing a potential employer. Below are tips for students to help strengthen their résumés while they are still in school.

1.  Volunteer. Volunteering just a few hours a month shows a potential employer that the student has been engaged and involved.

2.  Work part time. Even a job busing tables gives the student an understanding of the work environment.

3.  Participate in class projects. Any major project—collaborative or individual—can be highlighted on a résumé to illustrate the student’s ability to produce a major piece of work.

4.  Obtain an internship. Internships provide experience within a student’s chosen field. They can signal hirers that the candidate may not need as much training as someone without such experience.

5.  Take leadership positions in clubs and organizations. Positions in groups can give a student valuable experience such as dealing with people, managing budgets, or fundraising.

Discussion: Why might an employer be impressed by a candidate’s record of volunteering? Why is having experience in any kind of job important on a new graduate’s résumé? Why do employers value collaborative skills?

Source: Gredley, K. (2013, August). Beefing up your résumé before the career search begins: Key advice for college students. Quintcareers. Retrieved from

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