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Sending E-mail in Anger… “Subtle Sell” a Must… Outlook for 2015 Grads… Resolving Hostilities

Send in Anger, Repent by Grovelingshutterstock_86053912

It’s possible to undo e-mails sent in anger, but it’ll take groveling. If the e-mail was sent to a boss, the best strategy is to apologize in person for both the content and tone of the message. If the lashing out affected a group of recipients, the only way to show regret is to apologize in a group e-mail. The best strategy for communicators? Don’t write when angry.

Post-Interview “Subtle Sell” a Must

In a competitive market, job seekers must go all out to stand out, and that means following up after an interview. A brief e-mail sent the morning after the interview should thank the hiring manager and mention a specific point discussed during the meeting. The most important part of the message, however, is the “subtle sell,” in which the candidate expresses enthusiasm for the position. Making a final point describing how the job is a good fit with the candidate’s skill set can help close the deal.

Bright Outlook for 2015 Grads

Hiring for those earning bachelor’s degrees will increase by 16% this year, according to a survey conducted by Michigan State University. The growth will occur in various sectors including nonprofits, government, professional and business services, finance, and insurance. Information services will see the largest uptick, with hiring increasing more than 50 percent over previous years.

Speak up to Prevent Long-Lasting Workplace Hostilities

The best strategy for dealing with an insensitive remark is to bring up the incident rather than let it fester. With the variety of personalities and sensibilities coworkers bring to the workplace, it’s easy to unintentionally offend a colleague. If you think you may have said something hurtful, take the coworker aside and address him or her directly. Then express your sincere regrets so the incident can be forgotten.