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Blowing Away Puffed-Up Résumés


Although today’s competitive workplace may make you think about exaggerating or even outright lying on your résumé, doing so is not just unethical—it leads to the humiliation of exposure, and in many cases, never being considered for the position to which you’ve applied. Such lies or exaggerations are also grounds for termination. If terminated for being caught in a résumé lie, the lie would come back to haunt you when it is exposed during a new reference check.

With a classmate, consider some of the ways job seekers might lie on their résumés and complete the table.


Instructors: Download a blank table and a solution here.

Captivating Cover Letters: A Great “In”

by Dana Loewy

shutterstock_278146826Sending a cover letter that highlights your skills and experience as they pertain to a specific job can be a great way to spur a potential employer to both read your resume and even call you for an interview. However, not all cover letters are created equal. Remember the following when you compose a cover letter aimed toward a specific position.

  1. Use your own letterhead with an interesting design.
  2. Address the reader by name and title.
  3. Craft a catchy opening that identifies the position to which you are applying.
  4. Refer to your résumé and discuss how your education supports your candidacy.
  5. Show enthusiasm for the job you are seeking.
  6. Tailor your relevant skills and experience closely to the job requirements, and provide details that support your claims.
  7. Close by reiterating your desire for the job and ask for an interview.

Your Task: With a classmate, read Joanna E. Houston’s cover letter. Then identify the elements that make her letter successful. Do you think Joanna landed an interview?

Instructors: Download the original letter and an annotated version here.