Replacing Jargon with Plain English


[Instructors: This activity works well as a quick change-of-pace exercise with the entire class or in small groups to revise the jargon. We’ve included some suggested responses, but your students will likely come up with different solutions. Have fun!]


Good communicators know the best way to convey meaning is by using clear, concise language rather than corporate jargon and trendy phrases.

Replace the words and phrases below with more direct language that avoids clichés.

  1. Deep dive
  2. Outside the box
  3. Pivot
  4. Honestly
  5. Reach out
  6. Circle back
  7. Low-hanging fruit
  8. Rock star
  9. Face time (as in Devote face time to an issue.)
  10. Off the grid
  11. Guru
  12. Spidey-sense
  13. At the end of the day

Replacing Jargon with Plain English-Exercise

Replacing Jargon with Plain English-KEY

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