The Résumé Summary: Showcasing Your Unique Assets

Job search experts say a summary of two to three sentences at the top of a résumé shows hiring managers the type of position a candidate wants and is qualified for. Such a summary is preferable to a generic Objective.

For new graduates, good summaries avoid boilerplate jargon such as excellent verbal and interpersonal communication skills and instead demonstrate specific, unique attributes: I am a first-generation graduate with experience working in an HR department 30 hours a week while maintaining a 3.2 GPA. I seek a position in Human Relations that will require my fine-tuned organizational and interpersonal skills. Summaries essentially showcase why the candidate applicant would be a valued employee in clear, concise prose.

For this exercise, pick an entry-level job for which you are qualified (you do not need to actually apply for the position and it need not be in your geographic region). Then identify one or two unique attributes that would make you an excellent hire. Write a summary paragraph of no more than three sentences that would help make you stand out to hiring managers.



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