When to Capitalize

The rules of capitalization can be overwhelming. For the purpose of business communication, however, it’s best to focus on major rules and applications.

In the following exercise, underline every word that should be capitalized. As a reference, check your textbook (Business Communication: Process and Product, 10e, section D-2n, or Essentials of Business Communication, 12e, pp. D-37–42. You may also visit Purdue University’s Writing Lab for guidance on capitalization use.


  1. the manager’s guest ordered a coke and a caesar salad for lunch.
  2. during my orientation i learned that our human resources department handled all personnel matters.
  3. mother and father are taking my sister on an alaskan cruise.
  4. jessica, who already holds an associate’s degree, will soon graduate from bowling green state university, where she majored in accounting.
  5. during the spring she was interviewed for a job with the federal government in washington, d.c.
  6. only the president, his chief of staff, and two senators made the trip to the middle east.
  7. our vice president and director of marketing will meet with the company president at 2 p.m.
  8. my colleague and i will be making a presentation at the 40th annual computer security conference in las vegas.
  9. all the graphic designers were excited about the new additions to adobe creative cloud.
  10. advertising campaigns aimed at hispanic markets were interrupted by hurricane katrina.
  11. the marketing chief said that she preferred her samsung galaxy to the apple iphone because it came with a prepaid subscription to verizon.
  12. My uncle and my aunt are scheduled to arrive at gate 9 of o’hare airport on american airlines flight 26.
  13. please locate the businessweek article titled “downsizing web site links.”
  14. after vacationing in the rockies during the summer, we returned to the east coast in early fall.
  15. when you come on wednesday, travel east on highway 99 and exit at forest mountain road.


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