Improving Vocabulary Precision: Replacing Get

[Instructors: Download a PDF of the exercise and its key at the bottom of this post.]

To encourage language precision, find an appropriate synonym for get in the numbered sentences. Consider the following synonyms:

achieve earn obtain receive
bring encourage pay secure
buy find produce succeed
construct gain provide understand
deliver generate purchase win/won
  1. To get a copy of the new medical plan, send an e-mail.
  2. Three excellent candidates applied, and our department hopes to get one of them.
  3. If you can get the lumber to the building site, we can begin construction.
  4. Getting a college degree leads to greater opportunities.
  5. You never know when your manager may go into your computer to get a file.
  6. In leading a meeting, you should get everyone to participate.
  7. Our salespeople must get results immediately.
  8. You can get greater contributions if your fundraising letter lists specifics.
  9. We expect to increase sales by getting customers to visit our new Web site.
  10. Only when you get all the facts, can you fully comprehend the problem.
  11. We can get an advantage over our competitor with snappy online sales messages.
  12. The Department of Transportation promises to get guardrails at the most dangerous spots.
  13. If you get stocks at a low price and sell at a high price, you will make a profit.
  14. Because of heavy traffic, we didn’t get to the meeting on time.
  15. Our company can definitely get the contract if we produce the best proposal.



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