Should Job Seekers Add Vaccination Status to Résumés?

Some job candidates are adding a new line-item to their résumés, applications, and LinkedIn profiles as a way to improve their chances for gaining a position: Covid-19 vaccination status. Employers seem to like it.

Some recruiters say they prefer to see information about vaccine status on applications because it eliminates surprises later in the hiring process, a fact verified by research. A ResumeBuilder survey of 1,250 hiring managers disclosed that nearly 70 percent preferred candidates who had been vaccinated. One third actually rejected résumés that failed to mention vaccination status.

These employer-driven preferences have resulted in a new look to job search materials: a front-and-center declaration of vaccination status. This can take various forms. One recent college grad added a “fully vaccinated” line item to her cover letter and LinkedIn profile to demonstrate to possible employers that she “cared about the health and safety of others.” Other job searchers have taken to spelling out fully vaccinated after their current job title.

The phenomenon has even affected those applying for remote and hybrid jobs. The same ResumeBuilder survey found that 61 percent of employers whose workforces are primarily remote want their staff to be vaccinated. Over 70 percent of hiring managers also want vaccinated applicants for hybrid positions.

With Covid-19 variants morphing and continuing to sicken thousands, vaccinated employees have a leg up simply because they require less from employers—unvaccinated employees need to be tested weekly to show they are free from the virus, often at the employer’s expense.

Still, not all job seekers are convinced being forthcoming about their vaccine stance is wise, saying they would prefer to hired for their merits rather than their vaccine status.

It’s worthy to note that employers have the legal right to ask job seekers about their vaccination status. However, that information, once known, must be kept separate from the employee’s personnel file due to HIPAA regulations.


  1. Aside from health reasons, why do hiring managers respond positively to seeing vaccination status on résumés?
  2. Why do some résumé coaches advise against including vaccination information, even if candidates are vaccinated?
  3. What are some of the negatives employers face if they require applicants to include vaccination status?


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