New Rules for Landing a Job in the Covid-19 Era

Video job interviews have become a fixture during the Covid-19 pandemic and
are likely here to stay.

While there is no doubt that the pandemic has had a negative impact on employment, job seekers still have some reason for optimism.

According to the HR software company Paycor, over half of small and midsize companies plan to hire full-time workers this year.

However, the current job market differs greatly from the situation before the pandemic, and job hunters need to be aware of the new rules for landing a position.

First and foremost is to maintain a robust presence on LinkedIn. Job seekers who use the platform are almost three times as likely to land a position at a company with which they have a LinkedIn connection.

The new rules of hiring also require applicants to be able to voice their career goals clearly. Job seekers who are uncertain about their career goals or who are just looking to earn a paycheck will find it impossible to sell themselves to a future employer. No company wants to provide a new-hire’s in-between or second-choice job.

Job hunters must also be realistic and honest. If the job requires employees to be in the office occasionally and the applicant is unwilling or lives too far away to make that feasible, the job seeker should not hide those limitations from the interviewer.

Know which industries are still hiring in your area. Health care, logistics and transportation, and real estate industries are recovering, while the arts, recreation and travel, and finance sectors are still shedding positions.

Finally, job candidates should prepare for an entirely virtual hiring process. Social distancing ended in-person interviews for the time being. To stand out when interviewing from home, focus on making a good first impression by looking the part.

Experts say it’s fine to be the most dressed-up person in the interview. Google’s director of talent and outreach advises starting the interview with friendly questions and being prepared with anecdotes that illustrate strengths and skills.

What kinds of comments can you use to break the ice in the first moments of an online interview?

  1. Why are anecdotes an effective way to talk about skills?
  2. Why is a presence on LinkedIn mandatory in today’s workplace?


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