Writing Concise Tweets for Organizations

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Tweets are a common way for businesses to communicate with customers. The messages can contain up to 280 characters (which include letters, spaces, and punctuation), but tweets of around 100 words grab more attention than longer messages. When writing tweets, follow these tips:

  • Include only main ideas and focus on useful information.
  • Choose descriptive but short words.
  • Personalize your message if possible.
  • Be prepared to write several drafts.

Use the situations below to compose effective tweets and tiny URLs if necessary.

Flight cancellation. American Airlines flight number 2425 from Palm Springs, California (PSP) to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport has been cancelled due to maintenance issues. The flight was scheduled to depart at 6:10 AM. No new flight has been scheduled. Passengers are asked to rebook by sending a direct message (DM).

Reply to customer. Mia Sanchez wrote a complaint to Target about a lengthy wait for a toddler’s play kitchen, which she purchased online. Target wants Mia to know her irritation has been noted but does not want to apologize since she received her delivery within Target’s stated time frame.

Promotion information. Vern’s Verdant Nursery is promoting a wide variety of drought tolerant salvias for one week only, October 12-19, at 20% off the regular price. Vern’s prides itself on good service.

Information sharing. Prof. Marty Jameson wants her students to be aware of a new study that links to a lesson she taught recently in her business communication class. The study focused on what hirers are looking for in new graduates and found that new graduates possessed skills employers considered important.

Emergency notification. After a devastating fire, local officials in Ventura, California, are concerned that a heavy rainstorm will lead to potentially deadly mudslides. The county is issuing evacuation warnings to citizens whose homes may be susceptible to danger and wants residents to remember to gather important records, pets, and medicines.

Writing Concise Tweets Exercise

Writing Concise Tweets Possible Solutions

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