Growth Mindset Training Can Help Learning… Use Your Fear and Succeed… And the Most Annoying Office Jargon Is…

Growth Mindset Training Can Help Learning

Students who have received training to help them believe they can improve their abilities through hard work, good strategies, and help from others—a concept called growth mindset, coined by Harvard professor Carol Dweck—perform better than those who do not, according to research published in the journal Nature.

Growth mindset has been circulating in business for years and is the opposite of fixed mindset, or the belief that talent is innate. The recent study, in which 12,500 students underwent online growth mindset training, showed that all students who went through the online training did better on tests, with one exception. In groups where the culture did not value challenge, the training did not work.

Dweck, one of the authors of the study, said “Culture really matters.”

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Use Your Fear and Succeed  

No one likes to fail or feel incapable of performing a task, but failure happens to everyone. Here are some pointers that can help turn fear of failure into success.

Ask for help. No one knows everything, so when you don’t know an answer, ask someone who does. The old adage “two heads are better than one” can come in handy.

Learn from fear. If you’ve ever grabbed a hot iron, you will be less likely (and more afraid) to do it again. We learn from our mistakes, but we don’t have to completely avoid irons forever. Sometimes fear is good.

Listen to your fear. If something is telling you to be afraid, stop and listen to the warning. A little introspection at the right time can be useful.


And the Most Annoying Office Jargon Is…

Business and industry are full of jargony phrases that can induce eye rolls and sniggers. A recent survey in the UK produced a cringeworthy list of workers’ most hated phrases that that might just annoy workers across the pond, too.


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