Embarrassing Usage Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)

[ Instructors: Download the exercise and its key at the end of this post.]

Sometimes, even the most intelligent people make mistakes when using common phrases, leading to some embarrassing moments. Can you identify what’s wrong with the phrases below? Check your responses against the solution key.

  1. Baited breath
  2. Boldface lie
  3. Chalk full
  4. Do diligence
  5. First-come, first-serve
  6. Given free reign
  7. Honed in
  8. I could care less
  9. Irregardless
  10. Must of/should of/would of/could of
  11. Mute point
  12. Peaked my interest
  13. Per say
  14. Piece of mind
  15. Shoe-in
  16. Slight of hand
  17. Through the ringer
  18. Tie me over
  19. Tow the line
  20. Wet your appetite

Embarrassing Usage Mistakes Exercise

Solutions-Embarrassing Usage Mistakes

Adapted from 43 Embarrassing Grammar Mistakes Even Smart People Make, Inc.com


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