Writing Tweets: Farm to Table Event Needs Social Media Marketing

oct_shutterstock_211359307Eating local food, dubbed “farm to table dining,” has become a hot new trend. However, most small farmers do not have the wherewithal to host fine dining experiences. Farmcation, a new startup, is designed to help solve that problem. It connects farmers to nearby urban communities that want to take advantage of locally grown food. Farmcation puts on the events; local farmers supply the ingredients.

Recently the startup conducted an event for an organic farm in California’s Central Valley by matching its food products with Bay Area foodies. Farmcation created a pop-up picnic and brought in a top-notch chef, Gabriel Sanders, who designed the menu using locally sourced ingredients: Salads with fresh vegetables; local lamb grilled over a fire pit; bread made from naturally fermented whole grains. After dining, attendees toured the farm and picked their own strawberries to take home.

Your task. Use the information above to write a tweet that advertises the event. Before composing, analyze your audience. What are their needs? What do they value? Why would they be interested in the event? How can you speak to those needs and values in a 140-character tweet? Which specifics should you focus on?

[Instructors: You can have your students work in small groups or individually for this assignment. Students could create a series of teaser tweets to promote the event.]

Possible response.

Serious foodies only! Pop-up locavore picnic at organic farm. Food feast by SF Chef Gabriel Sanders. http://farmcation.com #farm-2-table



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