Humblebraggers Score Zero …Cultural Fit Important to Clinch the Job …Millennials Need Skills Brush-up

Humblebraggers Score Zero 

shutterstock_72450922_SEPTHumblebragging—self-aggrandizing comments couched within a complaint—is a poor self-promotion strategy, according to research conducted by Harvard Business School professors.

Such comments have become all-too-common on social media, like this one made by former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer:

They just announced my flight at LaGuardia is number 15 for takeoff. I miss Air Force One!!

According to the researchers, humblebragging does more harm than good. The Harvard researchers hypothesize that the practice comes across as insincere, thus causing negative impressions and the opposite effect as the humblegragger intended.

–From Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge

Cultural Fit Important to Clinch the Job 

Successful job applicants need to demonstrate that they can fit into an organization’s culture. That takes into account everything from written rules, such as office hours, to unwritten rules, like everyone eats at their desks instead of taking off during lunch.

Before an interview, candidates can learn about an organization’s culture by combing its website and by networking with past and current employees to learn what it takes to be the organization’s ideal employee. Using that information during the interview can help clinch the deal.

–From the Washington Post

Millennials Need Skills Brush-up

Despite being the most educated generation ever, millennials lack core qualities to make them successful at work, according to research from Instructure, Inc. The survey queried managers who reported that entry-level workers lack soft skills such as work ethic and creativity.

Employers say they need workers who can think critically and problem solve. However, only 15 percent of entry-level employees possess those skills when they start a new job, the survey found. This has led some organizations to create training programs to fill in where millennials’ college experiences have left a gap.

–From Chief Learning Officer

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