The Truth and Nothing but…Can a Type Font Kill Your Chance for an Interview?…Pre-Hire Tests Squeeze Out Young Job Seekers

The Truth and Nothing but…

If you’ve ever considering lying during the job search process—don’t. Whether you are submitting a résumé, completing an application, or interviewing, employers want to hire people they can trust. The author of lists reasons you should stick to the truth.shutterstock_98908853

  1. Background checks are standard and will reveal any criminal offenses. Although you may not get the job if you state a legal problem upfront, you certainly won’t get the job if you’ve lied about it and are caught.
  1. References will reveal lies such as incorrect or padded job titles, responsibilities, and employment dates.
  1. Skills you cannot demonstrate will eventually turn into an embarrassing situation. At best, you’ll be in over your head. At worst, lying about your qualifications can get you fired.                                                                                                                                                                                       From the Los Angeles Times

Can a Type Font Kill Your Chance for an Interview?

True or false: Times New Roman is the standard for résumés. If you answered “true,” you may be hurting your chance of landing an interview.

According to typography experts, using the venerable Times New Roman on your résumé is “the equivalent of wearing sweatpants to an interview.” A creative director for a design firm considers use of the font indicative of a candidate who has put no thought into the résumé’s appearance.

What to do? Use Helvetica for a safe, more business-like look. Garamond is another good choice. Avoid flowery or cursive fonts. As for Comic Sans—using it will definitely leave you sans an interview!

                                                                                                                               From PayScale

Pre-Hire Tests Squeeze Out Young Job Seekers

As more and more businesses use pre-hiring assessments, those who don’t score well are increasingly finding themselves out of luck.

In 2013, 57 percent of US employers used pre-hiring assessment tools, up from 26 percent in 2001. Unfortunately, the tests are making it especially hard for young job seekers to land a position. Many companies are simply not settling for workers with minimal skills or whose “workplace temperament” as measured by the tests do not auger well.

Besides personality tests, new hires are facing assessments that also check for poor credit. The result is that fewer individuals make the cut. Since the tests seem to improve turnover and productivity, it seems likely employers will continue using them.

                                                                                                                              From The Wall Street Journal

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