Case Study: Raise the Minimum Wage? Employee Says Yea

As one of more than twenty minimum-wage employees at Carly’s Catering in Omaha, Nebraska, you are closely following the national debate about raising the minimum wage. Your employer, Carly Herrera, has a three-year-old catering business that provides exceptional meals and top-notch service to businesses and individuals looking to cater events, weddings, and other large parties.ID-100105597

Your job as a “cater-waiter” is high pressure because Carly demands efficient, versatile, and personable help. And while you sometimes earn tips, you mostly rely on your hourly wage, which is the minimum required by law. Turnover at Carly’s is high because many employees just don’t think the job is worth it, and during the recent holiday rush, several of your co-workers quit unexpectedly.

You research the issue and find the following facts:

  • Many economists say an increase in the minimum wage will spur consumer spending and help the weak economy.
  • Twenty-one states and the District of Columbia already have higher minimum wages than the federal level.
  • Nebraska lawmakers have introduced a bill to increase the minimum wage from the current $7.25/hour.
  • Scholarly studies show that the cost increase to employers is offset by lower turnover and higher productivity.

Your task. Write a persuasive request e-mail to Carly in which you ask her to consider raising the minimum wage at Carly’s Catering.


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